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Ping Village on stilts, and color

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Dazhai Village development is opposed to peace, to lag behind a lot, so we chose to stay in the peace camp. That the first floor of the inn called the Dragon's Back, on its Web site to see wooden houses on stilts like it, we were about to decide to live there anymore.

Dazhai walk more than five in a child, the driver to take us back to the peace camp. Days have been completely dark, in one after another near 360 ° of the spiral mountain opened half an hour, we saw a little light. Speaking of the driver. At this point have been exhausted after the three men toward the inn immediately wished he could warm a small wooden bed.

Get off that, we in a shiny black, the twenty minutes had to climb the mountain to reach the top of the hill the inn! At that time the wind can not describe what the expression messy. . . . Peas smile thinking about the road we pull ourselves together, or surely collapse in situ cried ing.

The way that the lights are not completely dark. Weak lighting using a mobile phone, along the foot of the road moving forward. Little bit of light circling his head is not seen fireflies for years! Tired I feel that although the instantaneous to the limit, but the feeling of exposure to fairy tales and lit the passion. Several climbing in the dark slope, over a bridge, on the numerous steps, all the way to listen to a mountain stream roaring in the feet, twists and a compromise was finally to Dragon's Back on the first floor tavern and saw the warm light dispelled the fog-like night, I almost cried. . . . .  «   1   2   3   » 
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