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Terraced Fields News

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Terraced Fields to live with the Zhuang, Yao and the two peoples, the Zhuang-based, Dragon's Back Zhuang Zhuang representatives of the North, costumes unique, unique style, where you can see the ancient folk dance and perfect protection Zhuang clothing, can hear the beautiful Zhuang folk songs, enjoy the authentic Zhuang customs, traditions and customs houses Zhuang Autonomous Region, delicious aroma of Dragon's Back Bronze Drum, the division of public dancing, playing pole refreshing, in addition to the ancient Zhuang Rural houses, delicious aroma of tea and Dragon's Back Longji pepper, soak into the depths of water Longji 水酒 cardiopulmonary Oriental magic.

      Terraced Fields of the best viewing and recording to:
May peace with seven attractions: pictures are very beautiful, is a good place for photography enthusiasts.
Ping, Kowloon Fab Five attractions: smaller than the terrace Dazhai, but also very characteristic.

Village Dragon's Back is a good viewing places high stockade, there is a stone road; there is the way to the peace camp has a good location, the scenery along the way are all good.

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