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Guilin, the first "World Dragon's Back, " International Photo Contest Awards Gold Award 200,000

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图为摄影作者卢新忠获得金质收藏作品奖。作 者:周利朔
图为龙脊景区瑶族姑娘在向中外游人展示秀美长发。 作 者:周利朔

 BEIJING, Guilin, December 5 (Xinhua Zhou Li Shuo-Bin) Guilin, Guangxi, the first "World Dragon's Back," International Photo Contest Award Ceremony on the 5th held in Longsheng County, China Art Photographic Society Vice President, famous photographer, said Liu Lei , this collection of works of photography contest individual gold prize of up to 20 million yuan.

According to reports, "the world Dragon's Back," International Photo Contest with "Dragon's Back terraced landscape of national cultural charm of man and nature" photography as a center of gravity, to "let the world know Dragon's Back, the Dragon's Back demonstrate to the world" as the contest theme, to create a comprehensive "Terraced Fields" international tourism brand image, enhance Terraced Fields of tourist scenic spots charm, promote minority economic development. This competition received a total of 30,000 overseas photographer exhibits pieces were selected out of 118 winning entries. Where Lu Xinzhong's "Four Seasons Treasures" collection of works received gold awards, South Korea KIM JONG SAE (Jinzhong Shi) of the "Golden Foding" won Bronze Collection Award.

Longsheng County Magistrate Yang Tung-ming, said the national AAAA level scenic area Terraced Fields of a long history and splendid culture, terraces built in the Yuan Dynasty, was formed in the Ming Dynasty, was completed in early Qing Dynasty, it was so far completed 700 years of history, Antimony Tin-scale spectacular, magnificent, terraced shape of the world the essence of integration, called "the world is a must." Scenic area inhabited mainly Zhuang, Yao and two minorities, simple and rich folk customs, rich national culture, Dragon's Back terraced landscape, unique natural resources and colorful ethnic customs, tourism is a good place for sightseeing and photography.

Photographic Society of Chinese art, said Liu Lei, vice chairman, the current gold collection Photography Competition Award 200,000, 80000 Silver Collection Award, Bronze Award collection of 2 million prize in the International Photo Contest is the highest Such pioneers of the move will have a profound impact in the photography world.

It is reported that the first "World Dragon's Back" by the China International Photographic Art Photographic Society Competition, Longsheng County CPC Committee, organized by People's Government of Longsheng County, Guilin Tourism Co., Ltd. Longji co. In order to expand the impact of the photography contest, the organizers held the day of competition at the Dragon's Back outstanding scenic photography exhibition. And will to the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions fifteen exhibitions.
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