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Longsheng County tourism further speed up the Dragon's Back village village pace of construction of

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Dragon's Back in 2010 the village won the first national "characteristic landscape tourist town (village) model"title, according to county people's government "feature on the town to promote the views of village development"(Gui Zheng Fa ﹝ 2010 ﹞ 84) and "2011 Town village in Guangxi feature construction work plan "(Gui style ﹝ 2011 ﹞ 1 number) spirit of the document, the county will further focus on improving the tourism infrastructure Longji village.
Longji village has a rich natural and cultural landscapes, unique geographical advantages, the original simple ethnic customs and culture, in the county government, county leaders attach great importance to complete the pre-construction of tourism infrastructure, with good tourist reception conditions. Tourism in 2010 received more than 6 million people, to achieve total tourism income of 301,700, led 336 people directly employed in the village, the county is working to create tourist attractions in the village typical example of success. To further enhance the quality of tourism services Longji village and reception level, and improve the existing tourism infrastructure projects, the county this year will further increase the Dragon's Back village tourism infrastructure investment, to strengthen and expand promotional marketing promotional marketing channels, promote village Tourism economy, improve the efficiency of its tourism village, Longsheng County for the future creation of the work of other villages set advertised.
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