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CCTV column crew filming the recording to Longsheng County tourism programs

Added:2011-03-30 Hits:131
CCTV International Channel "distant home " line of seven crew, today (March 17) to record a shot in Longsheng County of tourism programs.
Local groups will travel to scenic spots in the ping Longji An Titian, the Hang Terrace, yellow Luohong Yao Village, Cheung Fat Estate, gold bamboo Zhuang village and other areas (spots) on-site filming, will also be recorded throughout the various characteristics in Longsheng County Food. The show is based on the whole scenic area Longji magnificent terraced landscape of the majestic background section, the original rustic style as part of the main ethnic and local cuisine culture purview comprehensive travel TV programs, the program will be gold in Europe Time television, to Longsheng County tourism promotion brought immeasurable benefits. This file part of the successful film and broadcast, a symbol of Longsheng County tourism promotion will be started in the international arena.
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